2019 Tournament Rules 

 1.   All game play will be in accordance to NFHS ( National Federation

       High School Associations) rules.


 2.  We will follow the NCHSAA guidelines for concussions. We will have

      certified athletic trainers onsite. All “continuation of play” decisions

      will be determined by these trainers.




3.  Team rankings will be based on the following order:

                .  OVER ALL RECORD

                .  HEAD TO HEAD

                .  GOALS AGAINST

                .  GOAL Differencial 

                .  GOALS FOR

                .  FLIP OF A COIN

4.   The games will be 2 22 minute halves with up to a 5 min halftime.

      Saturday the varsity division will consist of each team playing 3 pool         games to set the seeding for the tournament format on Sunday.  There       will be only one time out per game. During registration You will be           given balls that you are responsible to maintain on your end line               every game.

      The Varsity B division will consist of 5 game round robin.  One team         will play 6 games.  The team with the best record will be the                   champions.  In case we have a tie we will go to tie breakers.  The            team with 6 games will drop one a game in this scenario.

5.   Penalty times will be 1½ times the assigned penalty time due to

      running clock. The penalty starts on the Officials restart. A one

      minute penalty will be 90 seconds; a 30 second penalty will be 45

      seconds, etc.

6.  Ties. All games (except playoff games) that end in a tie will be

     decided by a Braveheart.  Braveheart will include a goalie and

     one field player for each team. The goalie cannot cross the midfield

     line. There are no substitutions.

7.  Ties for playoff games will be decide by one 4 minute overtime               period.

     If the game is still tied at the end of the overtime period, then the

     game will be decided by Braveheart. (see #6)

8.  Fighting will result in the immediate removal of the player/coach/fan

     for the remainder of the tournament.

9.  Game ejections (non fighting) by players/coaches will result in a 1

     game suspension.  However, if the actions are severe enough

     the player/coach may be removed from participating in the remainder

     of the tournament. Remember: Good Sportsmanship is expected from

     all coaches, players, and spectators.  Profanity, ethnic and racial

     epithets can result in dismissal from games and fields if deemed


10. Each Team will be given one dozen new balls at registration.  These

     balls will be used at all of your games.  Please keep up with

     these balls and collect them at the end of each game and bring them

     to your next game.  Teams will be asked to keep these game balls on

     their end line.This should keep the game moving at a good pace with

     no wasted time.